The Frame: New Samsung television that looks like wall art

Last month Samsung launched its new ‘lifestyle TV’ in the UK called The Frame. To the casual observer The Frame looks like a tastefully framed piece of art, indistinguishable from the other photos or paintings, except flick a switch and hey presto! It transforms into a UHD television.

How to build a wooden crate

This wooden crate is made out of 12mm sheet plywood. It is dead-easy to build and the size can easily be varied to fit any space. I made three of these to fit inside a bench unit I built.

A Touch of Brass

The first brass bed washed up on England’s shores about 200 years ago. People were amazed. Is this what the French are sleeping on! Seriously! What the hell! Lords and ladies raced to their boats, invaded France, and soon golden beds were gleaming from every...

The Pendleton Blanket

The warmest blanket you will ever own. Pendleton Woollen Mills have been making their signature blankets since 1863.

Fiskars Orange Handled Kitchen Scissors

In 1967 Fiskars revolutionized the way the world saw scissors and created a design icon that is loved across the globe…orange-handled kitchen scissors!

Royal Doulton Bunnykins

A look at one of Britain’s most iconic children’s tableware series – created by a nun in her spare time!

Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack

A simple way to modify the Ikea Grundtal rail system to create an extra-short rail for tight spaces.

Beautiful Baby Gates

If you have to live with baby gates, they might as well look good. Here are several attractive DIY solutions to stopping your child going upstairs.

Historical Maps: A Brilliant Housewarming Gift Idea

I wondered the other day what our area might have looked like around the time our house was built 124 years ago. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be cool if there was a website where I could tap in our postcode and instantly be presented with a high-resolution, colour, zoomable map of what our neighbourhood looked like a century ago. Well bust my buffers if just such a website doesn’t already exist, step forward the totally brilliant National Library of Scotland’s Map Images Website.

How to build a Victorian Bay Window Seat with Storage

The headcount in our family will shortly be rising. This means a fresh influx of plastic-singing baby crap coming down from the attic. Trying to relax in a room filled with toys that start pumping out nursery rhymes if your foot accidently brushes against them can be a challenge, so a bay window seat with plenty of out-of-sight storage seemed an ideal solution.

Wooden Sandpit with Lid and Fold Out Benches

This sand pit with fold out benches is an absolute gem of a DIY project. It’s a brilliant yet remarkably simple design that can be done start to finish in a couple of evenings – and all for less than £80.

Checklist for viewing a period property

There is a huge amount you can take away from a first viewing, particularly if you enter armed with the right questions. Here is a checklist of things to consider.

Mounting and framing your own photos

Framing pictures can be an expensive business, consequently we have dozens of pictures and photos piling up in our cupboard and not on our wall. I’ve been meaning to address this issue and the other day I resolved to set up my own little framing workshop.

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