Beautiful Baby Gates

Sep 1, 2016 | 2 comments

Gregor Testing Gate

If I have to live with stair gates for most of the next decade I’d rather they looked good, so I’ve gone in search of some more attractive DIY solutions – turns out plenty of parents feel the same way and have taken matters into their own hands:

1. DIY Wooden Slat Baby Gate

I love this gate. I might have to make one. A very simple design using wooden slats attached to a caster. This one was made by Blue Ant Studio and more details can be found at the following blog post: Homebrew Baby Safety Gate.


Wooden Slat Baby Gate


2. Plexiglass Gate

This is another example of parents who didn’t like the in-store options, decided to make their own, and absolutely nailed it. I might have to build this one too! There is a blow by blow set of instructions on how to do it on this blog post: A DIY Baby Gate.

plexiglass baby gate


3. The Pop-up Gate

This is the ultimate, a gate that rises out of the very stairs themselves. If my stairs weren’t a creaky shambles I would be all over this.

4. Fabric Gates

The gate below is called the ‘Stair Barrier’ and is marketed modestly as ‘The most Attractive Baby Gate you Can Buy’, I’m struggling to disagree – and so are the mum and dog in this picture. It looks great, but I think it’s only available in the USA: There are, however, plenty of examples of DIY fabric gates: ejay-curlygirl offers a tutorial on how to make one here: DIY Fabric Baby Gate. Another example can be found on

The Stair Barrier


5. Simple Wooden Baby Gate

The first of two non-DIY options. I’m including this store bought gate as it covers all the bases – simple, wooden, no trip hazard, cheap. This one comes from John Lewis for about £15. Not quite sure why we didn’t get these in the first place. Dam it.

John Lewis Wooden Baby Gate

6. The Retractable Gate

You know that moment when you think you have invented something amazing, you picture yourself patenting it and watching the money roll in, and then you find some bugger has already done it and you can get it on Amazon for £90. Welcome to the ‘lascal kiddyguard’ retractable baby gate. Clever idea.


7. Chalk Board Baby Gate

Last but not least – my own creation – The Chalk Board Baby Gate! I put this together one night when I realised we were one baby gate short. For the full blog post check out: Chalk Board Baby Stair Gate.

Chalk Board Baby Gate


  1. Melanie

    I like the last Chalk Board Baby Gate, you are so creative, Tom.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Katherine Zeta

    Some really innovative ideas here to baby proofing the staircase. I particularly liked the idea of using a fabric stair barrier instead of a metallic or glass gate. These are not only good to look at but also a lot safer than metal or glass, which could itself be the cause of injury if your baby bangs into it. Fabric stair barriers also portable and retractable, so you have more flexibility while using them.


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