Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack

Oct 10, 2016 | 2 comments

Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack

The Grundtal kitchen organiser series is one of Ikea’s classic lines, a simple, modern and practical storage system with a ‘professional kitchen’ look. We’ve already got a couple of rails for pots and pans – see blurry background in photo above – and I wanted to add another to a bit of wall next to our oven. Unfortunately the shortest Grundtal rail that Ikea sell (40cm) was about 15cm too long for wall I had in mind. I needed a modified extra-short version. So here is my Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack, a way of customising the length of a Grundtal rail.

1 x 40cm Grundtal Rail
1 x Bottle of wine (with cork)
1 x 5mm Rawlplug
1 x Screw

Junior Hacksaw
Stanley Knife

1. Use junior hacksaw to cut the rail down to the required length – This inevitably involves hacking off one of the threaded nuts used to secure the rail to a bracket (See pic below).

Grundtal rail cut to length

2) Remove cork from your bottle of wine, drill a 6mm hole down the middle, and insert a 5mm rawlplug.

Grundtal rail cork and rawlplug
3) Using a knife, trim the cork evenly around the sides until you can squeeze it into the end of the rail.
Grundtal rail trimmed cork
Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack - cork inserted
4) Attach rail to the bracket using a 30mm screw into the ‘corked’ end of the rail. Below are photos of both ends of the finished rail.
Grundtal rail modified end
Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack original end
5) Mount your extra-short Grundtal rail on the wall.
Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack

Despite it’s simplicity, I’m rather pleased with this Grundtal Rail Ikea hack. Not only has it elegantly solved my middle-class problem of where to store basil, but as an added bonus, the by-product is a full bottle of red wine. Cheers.

Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack
Grundtal Rail Ikea Hack


  1. Emma

    Totally brilliant, thank you for sharing this on your lovely website, I was about to abandon my too-long Grundtal rails but this saved them (with an excuse to open a bottle of wine).

    • Tom Baughan

      Thank you very much for the kind comment Emma. I hope your project went well.


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