Ikea Kids Kitchen

Dec 18, 2015 | 0 comments

Ikea is back, and this time in the form of a mini-kitchen. Our son Gregor has had an affinity for all things kitchen related since birth. The washing machine, which mercifully has a child-lock, has provided hours of entertainment, and heaven forbid we attempt to unload the dishwasher without his support. So a toy kitchen was a no-brainer, and this wooden DUKTIG Play kitchen from ikea is ideal.

First off – it looks great – far preferable to the flimsy plastic alternatives. Second it comes with an induction hob – I’d love to have an induction hob! Third, you can buy all sorts of cheap accessories: pots and pans, fruits and vegetables, utensils, even an 8-piece salmon set! So uncles and aunts are well-primed as to what to get him for Christmas.

Yes it is an extravagant present, weighing in at £65, so it’s Christmas and Birthday rolled into one for Gregor. Plus we can justify it with the old ‘cost per use’ excuse that it will last (We’ve got a baby slide in our back garden that my parents bought for me 32 years ago that is still going strong).

So as we settle down to finals week of Professional MasterChef, here’s to a future Marcus Wareing in the making. When he picks up that first Michelin star (whilst juggling his doctorate and budding professional football career of course) we can say it started here!

For a look at some of the other ways Ikea has infiltrated our home read this post.

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